Temporary Work in Time
In today's age it is important to have a stable job. In Germany, there are companies that deal specifically with temporary work. There are in Germany recruited more than 7,000 employees in company time.
Temporary employment firms lend their salaried workers work in companies. The company borrowed the employees for a job on time. Of workers will get his monthly salary of the job agency where it is fixed. The period of employment of an employee on time, in the respective companies always on time. Therefore, work-holders the work on time, be active within a year in many enterprises. Is in the business for the employee on temporary orders have not, can the company send the employee back to the temp agency. This is not the workers into unemployment, because it is further set in the temporary employment agency. But in practice it is often different, with a termination and reinstatement, which is often circumvented. Through the loan for temporary workers, the company receives a high degree of flexibility in the recruitment of Abreitnehmern. The time worker can flexibly respond to a need for the company. He learns through the use of different jobs in many companies know and binds to specific time to a company. Many employees perceive this as a new entry into professional life. The company employee who borrows from a temporary employment agency, takes over the authority and responsibility for occupational safety. Legal matters such as the conclusion and termination of an existing employment contract, the creation of a working certificate for a termination. The particular regulatory of the working hours, overtime, holidays are subject, however, the job agency. The market for temporary employment increases from year to year. In recent years there is hardly any branch of work where no employees work on time. The only exception is because the construction industry, where workers may not be set to time. The working hours for workers on time is regulated in Arbeitüberlassungsgesetzt. Since the edicts of the law in 1972, there have been several changes in the laws. For example, in the wake of the Hartz reforms, here are the specific restriction bans, synchronization ban, ban and reinstate the restriction of release to a maximum of 2 years have been changed. But with this change in the law, then the equality principle was incorporated into the laws. This requires the companies that the temporary workers employed under the same conditions as regular employees. For example, equal pay, working hours, leave entitlements and special services. But by a collective control can be set, the law of force. The process is now modified by a collective agreement, where many temporary workers to work for dumping salaries. The law was actually written to the temporary protection against yield. In today's time also serves as an important component of labor policy.

The negative aspects of temporary work

In spite of all the positive aspects should not forget the negative. Many critics point out, created by the temporary employment of any new permanent jobs. In some companies will choose to replace the Festenbelegschaft for temporary workers. Despite a full-time temporary employee reaches a monthly salary of not to survive. So the more the employee must refer Alg2 performance. Back to the Homepage. For further Informations in German click here!
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