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The word comes from the English-speaking job and is meant is a professional activity in a usually employed. Jobs is the majority of job. In Germany, the word in everyday language has integrated. But this country is with the word job, a part-time work, combined with low remuneration. Due to the poor economic situation many families are forced multiple jobs to make side by side. Here are the so-called mini-jobs that run by housewives and youths over 16 years. The activities carried out by young people, are limited mostly on volunteer jobs in factories. But even as a brochure or newspaper delivery boy to earn their pocket money to add some youth. In Germany, everything is settled, subject to job activities of young people also rules and laws. Sun Young people may not exceed a working week of 15 hours. Adolescents may not work at night and am not seven clock. Adults are not subject to the statutory provisions of the young. However, the owners of mini-jobs, which are taxed at a flat rate, may also not exceed a given work week. The merit of the mini-job may also not exceed the amount of 400 €. Jobs in which more work and earn more will fall out of the system of mini-jobs and thus are tax and social security contributions mandatory. In principle, all social security workers are required to keep their social security card with them. The customs offices, which is used as a supervisory authority, more construction sites and monitor other public jobs. In the adult mini-jobs are executed in the areas of cleaning workers and child care. Whoever is fortunate that they have a steady job, apply different rules and regulations.

Flexible workers get jobs

The "normal" jobs are also inferior to certain changes. The jobs are in Germany for the businessman has become extremely expensive. There are, according to a statistical survey, hardly any permanent jobs. Most new jobs are minimum period of one year. But may be limited by law to work is not unlimited. shall, after more than two renewals, the contract indefinitely. Employers demand more flexibility from workers. Sun employees are required to provide their labor to be available when more workers are needed. Even today, workers have to travel significantly more miles to go to work. There were previously 50 km, which were reasonable as a way to work, so today it is absolutely 100 km that are acceptable as a way to work. The jobs now so subject to constant change. The working time is only one of many changes to the workers have to adjust. Who today has a permanent employment, which can be estimated already happy. In times of economic downturn takes just in manufacturing firms, the short-time significantly. For this reason, the families are often dependent on an additional income and this trend continues to increase. The working landscape is constantly changing, critics say U.S. conditions get. In the U.S. it's common practice for a long time the workers have more than one job. But in Germany, workers engaged in more than one job are almost punished for a second job is not rare, are punishable by tax bracket 5th Then the revenue is not economical because the extra revenue to reduce taxation. Back to the Homepage. For further Informations in German click here!
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